Children's playgrounds "Svid"
There are no more environmentally friendly ones in the world!
Siberian larch wood.
Clean production.
Environmentally safe coating.

Tree - Siberian Larch (Larix sibirica)
Every nation has its favorite tree, and for Slavs, who respect both oak and birch, the favorite tree has always been larch.
In addition to its beautiful texture and color, larch has unique properties. Larch wood is a naturally antiseptic material and belongs to the group of woods resistant to biological impact (fungal decay, etc.), ranking first in this category. It almost does not rot! Only a few tropical tree species have similar properties. Other tree species require treatment with chemicals that are harmful to humans. Larch wood's strength is comparable to that of oak. The only downside of larch is its difficulty in processing.
Larch is widespread almost throughout Russia, but it is highly valued when grown in Siberia. Since the climate is milder on the European territory, larch wood is much less dense and comparable to ordinary pine.
Prolonged exposure to water leads to a noticeable increase in the hardness of larch wood.
In Venice, during the Middle Ages, larch was extensively used in the construction of palaces and houses. After an examination in 1827, it was said that piles from larch forests, on which the submerged part of the city is based, seem to have petrified. The wood became so hard that axes and saws barely take it
Another example: the piles of the Trojan Bridge over the Danube, which stood for 1800 years. The parquet of the Sheremetevs' Ostankino Palace, the windows of the Winter Palace, demonstrate that larch wood can serve for many years without the use of special antiseptics. The path of the Olympic cycling track in Krylatskoye is made of Siberian larch. "Svid" children's playgrounds are made of Siberian larch wood.

" Svid" children's playgrounds use two types of coatings: linseed oil-based varnish and water-based paints - an environmentally friendly solution. Paints (made in Denmark) allow you to choose almost any color for your playground. Varnish (made in Germany) emphasizes the natural beauty of the larch wood grain. Similar oil-based coatings are widely used in the production of high-quality wooden products. They are widely used in the USA, Germany, and especially popular in Japan.

The production of solid wood products is considered the most environmentally friendly type of production worldwide.

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