Children's Playgrounds "Svid"
Excellent quality of design solutions, exceptional quality of execution, superior quality of materials.

The company "Svid" designs and manufactures beautiful, reliable, and durable playgrounds for children aged 3 to 12. All wooden products produced comply with the requirements of TR EAEU 042/2017, GOSTs, and other state standards in the field of quality and safety. The company operates according to the principles of the "Lean production" system (TPS, Lean manufacturing). A one-year warranty is provided for all products and installation work.

Quality of "Svid" Children's Playgrounds

Durability. The children's play complexes are made of natural Siberian larch wood, which is highly resistant to atmospheric effects and practically cannot rot. The material is coated with a linseed oil-based stain produced in Germany, which protects the surface of the wood from moisture and prevents the penetration of water vapor into the pores, thus reducing the likelihood of deformation of the structure. The playgrounds can be used at any temperature. The service life of wooden structures is more than 7 years.

Strength. Glued timber is used to manufacture the playgrounds, which is stronger than solid wood. This makes the play elements resistant to impacts and other mechanical stresses that are inevitable during active play. The stability of the playgrounds is also ensured by cementing the foundation.

Design. The children's playgrounds from the company "Svid" stand out for their excellent design. Solutions can be executed in various thematic styles ("Fortresses", "Ships", "Towns", etc.).

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" Svid" children's playgrounds - will exceed your expectations!
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" Svid" children's playgrounds - a healthy future for your children!