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"Svid" products are certified and comply with the new requirements of the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (TR EAEU 042/2017)

Outdoor active play for children can involve a risk of injury. "Svid" company cares about children's safety. We comply with all regulatory requirements in the process of designing, manufacturing, and installing play equipment to ensure safety.

How is the safety of children's playgrounds ensured

At the design stage. The development of children's playgrounds is carried out in accordance with Russian GOST standards (34614.1-2019 (EN 1176-1:2017), 34614.3-2019 (EN 1176-3:2017), 52168-2012, 52167-2012, 52299-2013, 54847-2011, 52169-2012, 52300-2013.). The structures are designed in such a way as to prevent and minimize the likelihood of injuries during play.

At the production stage. The manufacture of children's playgrounds is carried out in strict accordance with the approved project. The use of reliable, durable, and strong materials ensures high quality of the finished products.

At the installation stage. The installation of children's playgrounds is carried out by professional installers in accordance with the requirements of the GOST standards.


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